Master Kai

"Before one can master the sword, one must master his soul."


Roughly 6 feet tall and hair that’s been dyed blonde at some point during his life reaching his shoulders. He is very athletic for his youth, strong arms and fierce eyes. He usually wears historical outfits from his old country, such as kimono’s.


Born in the Sapphire city Kai was taught at very young age about the way of the samurai from his father who ran a dojo in the city. His mother also taught him tea ceremonies and etiquette. So having been raised amongst a old traditioned home he naturally one day inherited his father dojo. His father had not shown him the secret underground in the garden though as Kai found one day by accident where he below found a large underground cave with a pool of some sort with glowing clear water. He decided to not tell anyone keeping it as his secret meditation location. He was entrusted with the sword of the dojo as well. “Wind slicer” legends had it that this blade was so sharp it could cut even the wind itself. On a fateful day when he was visiting his family in district 3, disaster happened and he just barely managed to escape. After hearing almost immediatly that the city pretended nothing happened he decided against telling the authorities about what happened, certain his dojo would be at risk. Now after having found himself friends he trust he was at peace, until one of his friends had another “friend” in a group of self proclaimed freedom fighters. On the condition his dojo or student would never come to harm he promised to train and allow them shelter in the secret underground. But now as of late things are becoming hectic, and he is uncertain of what to do…

Master Kai

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